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Innovative products for the soccer world

SCOPRO Sport Coaching Products is a company created by coaches for coaches. We sell a wide variety of soccer coaching products.

SCOPRO Smart Coaching Products
By Coaches for Coaches



SCOPRO prides itself on making the best products in the industry. After multiple designs SCOPRO feels they have now made a superior product, made to be durable and functional. The Numbered Magnets are made 1/4” thick and are designed to have a strong hold on the board while also giving you the ability to move the magnets freely on the board. The Tactical Boards are now 3rd generation, our newest design which is made with durability in mind to last throughout your soccer season. The new construction provides a reinforced aluminum frame while still being very light weight. The high quality carrying case allows you to carry your board around your shoulder while giving extra protection for your board. The carrying case keeps your magnets on your board while it is in the case.


SCOPRO products were created by coaches for coaches to maximize the functionality in a coaching board. Our 24” x 20” Tactical Board has a half field on one side and full field on the other side. Both sides are magnetic and dry erase to show any and all movements a coach needs. The Tactical Boards have plenty of space to put 2 sets of magnets on each side to not only show your team but also your opponent. The Numbered Magnets come with #’s 1-11 plus a soccer ball to give the coach the ability to show formations on the Tactical Board. The Numbered Magnets have a strong hold to the board yet the are easy to move when a coach needs to do so. The Carrying Case is a perfect design to store your Tactical Board. Coaches can quickly store their board in their case with magnets remaining on the board. The case has plenty of room to store large notepads with the board and also has another separate pocket to store a small notepad, additional magnets or dry erase pens.


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